Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don't Stop Believing

Jeff's sister Angi got hitched last week. I've mentioned Angi before in this space. In addition to her wedding and reception, Angi also planned a fundraiser/concert to raise money for some of her treatment. It was an amazing weekend and a lot of money was raised to help support Angi in her quest to kick cancer's ass!

Here are some snaps from the wedding and fundraiser:

The wedding was at the butterfly conservatory. It was a beautiful location for a wedding and Angi and Jan looked amazing!

We didn't intentionally try to match, 
but I think we look quite nice!

I told you they looked amazing! 

The families and the wedding party.

Heather and Lauchy both had fevers and even though it is really hot and humid in the conservatory Heather was freezing. Jeff gave Heather his shirt as we left so she could warm up.

I took the kids home to bed and missed 
the reception but you can see that the yard looked lovely.

The next day we all went to a local bar to get ready for the fundraiser. The kids were so helpful and they were keen to do any job that was given to them! Here they are helping grandma get the raffle ticket boxes ready.

Jeff and his mum busy doing something.

I think the girls were hogging this job and 
Lauchy was feeling left-out and bored! Poor kid!

The girls and grandma selling hats, CD's and shirts.

The photo board of Angi and Jan that Jeff put together. We all got such a kick out of the photos, but especially of the photos of Jan!

The event was a huge success and I know that Angi and Jan worked their butts off to organize the fundraiser. It is not too late to donate money. Please go to this web page for more information about Angi and go to this page to make a donation!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Double Digits!

My girl is 10! We had a sleep-under party with friends and another family celebration with cousins who have a birthday a few days later.

The day of the birthday party:

The day of the actual birthday:

Happy birthday sweetie!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Waterloo Region Museum

Our friend had a free family pass to the Waterloo Region Museum so we joined her there. I've been to the Doon Heritage Village before but hadn't been back since the new museum was added. We had such a great time and think we will consider getting a family membership for a year. It is very reasonably priced at $60 for the family for a year.

We explored the museum first and then 
spent a lot of time in the heritage village.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Exploring New Places

We went to a new place last week. After traveling and exploring so much of England this past year it made us realize that we hardly explore our own region when we are home. We met some friends at Snyder's Flats today, a place I have heard lots about but have never taken the time to explore before.

After a short drive we met 3 other families in the parking lot. As usual, the kids grumbled at first - why do we have to go? /what is there? /what will we do ? - but they loved it at Snyder's Flats.

There are several trails and small ponds. Within minutes of getting to the pond every single kid was in it.

Since we spent the entire time by the water I am hoping to explore some of the trails next time.