Friday, October 24, 2014

More Thanksgiving

We awoke on the second day to a gorgeous sun rise.

We drank our coffee in the sunshine, but it was bright!

We saw this baby snake on our walk.

We thought this looked like a giant stick bug.

Cozy back in the cabin.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Away

We spent Thanksgiving in a cabin in Georgian Bay National Park. We had fabulous weather and a fantastic time!

We got up early to catch the boat to our island.

We used this cart to take our 
things from the boat to the cabin.

Our home for two nights.

Happy cartwheeling girl!

We went for a walk to the Ngohkaan Anishinaabe Cemetery. 1836-1938

The chief of the tribe is buried here.

There were several sand gnomes present!

A gorgeous girl and a gorgeous sun set.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Life and An Autumn Walk

I can't believe how busy this autumn has been. I thought once the kids went back to school I would have all kinds of time to get to the many little projects that need to be finished. Uh, no. That hasn't happened at all!

Now that the kids are in school full-time there is not really a need for me to be at home on my own. As much as I like being at home and having time to myself, I also like the idea of finally getting a new kitchen, a new front porch, a new vehicle, a get the idea! While we have managed to live off of Jeff's income for all of these years (we also had tenants for 5 years and I looked after a plethora of other children) the extra money from my job will go a long way!

When the kids are at school I spend time volunteering in a bunch of classrooms, working as a Strong Start coach, and taking a course about teaching Kindergarten. This all takes up way more time than I thought and I can't imagine what it will be like when/if I get a job! I don't know how other families cope when both parents are working, but I hope to find out soon enough!

Here are some photos from a walk we did at the beginning of October:

This is a tree we pass on the way to school. I like how just one part of it has started to change colour.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

More of Autumn

Is this a "boy thing"? Heather wrote LOVE on our chalkboard wall, so a few days later I wrote PEACE. I noticed Lauchy working away on the chalkboard and when I checked later I discovered that not only had he erased our lovely words, he wrote his own words instead! Sigh.

How lovely, Lauchy!

My friend sent me a message to tell me that some of the delicious chocolate we had in England is now at our local grocery store! What?! Do you know how many of these suckers I mailed to family and friends? Lots! At least they can buy their own now!

Finally, more and more leaves! I love the colours!