Saturday, July 18, 2009

Group of Seven - Day Two

We had the whole gamete when it came to the weather but the rain and threatening clouds didn't dampen our spirits.

The quiet of the morning.

We decided to go out for a paddle into this weather.

Should we paddle to the right, or to the left?

It was not long after this photo that it started raining. We madly paddled back to the island.

Kayaks on the shore.

Tents on rock + heavy rain = wet therma rests and sleeping bags. We tried to dry them in the wind.

Two of the girls using the water purifier.

Puffy clouds over Manitoulin Island.

And they laughed at me for bringing my umbrella!

One of several rainbows that we saw on the trip.

Fire goddess extraordinaire!

Hoping to see a sunset.

The girls in some kind of formation!

It was too cloudy for a sunset that night.

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