Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unexpected Visitor

We have a mouse in our house. Or mice. Last night I was doing what I always do (on the laptop) and I heard a scritch-scratch sound coming from my cupboard. Both cats heard the sound and were investigating.

Jeff took a few items out of the front of the cupboard and then started pulling out a variety of empty bags - popcorn, wheat bulgar, lentils, a tube of icing. I had no idea that there were mice. Now that the weather is warmer I haven't done as much baking as usual and therefore, have not been in that cupboard much. I guess that is why I never noticed.

A few months ago we heard a lot of commotion coming from behind the wall of one of the upper cupboards. The noise was coming from the old chimney. Upon further probing we realized that the critter had actually ripped through the plaster and there was a small hole. We thought it was a squirrel. I suppose it could have been a squirrel but I sure hope that we don't have squirrels AND mice! That is too much.

I think one of the reasons that I have never noticed the mouse (and the cats didn't either) is that it is coming in behind the wall straight into the back of my cupboard. Our lovely, old kitchen still has lathe and plaster and this particular set of cupboards is open in the back. When you look in the cupboard you can see the lathe through the broken plaster. Heck, in some spots you can actually see the exterior brick!

I will clean the cupboard out today and then leave it open. My cat Tassie will act as my mouse trap. It sounds awful, but I really don't want mice in my food. Maybe the mice will just leave on their own? Do they do that? We'll see.


  1. When we found that dead mouse after returning from family camping, I was in denial. I thought it must have come from outside. Turns out that Tassie was leaving it there as a warning sign to other mice.

  2. Oh yeah, that little guy. Right.

  3. Try plugging up any holes with steel wool. This has been very effective in our old house.