Monday, September 21, 2009

Bolt, zoom zoom!

Heather is obsessed with the movie "Bolt". She has seen the movie 3 times now and has memorized some of the lines already.

For our craft this afternoon we made masks. As the girls decorated their masks Heather randomly said quotes from "Bolt". She is not saying them to anyone in particular, just happy to be thinking of her favourite movie.

"Mindy Parker, from the network."
"I'll fire everyone in this room, starting with you. How is that for real?"
"Bolt, zoom zoom!"
"Let's put a pin in that."
"That's a keeper."

Heather has decided that she is going to be Penny for Halloween and that Addie will be Bolt. Addie is happy to agree to almost anything her big sister says. I am a little relieved because I think both costumes will be relatively easy to make.

Heather wants me to be the mom character and she wants Jeff to be Penny's dad who is a professor. Lauchlan will be Rhino the hamster and our cat Charlie will be the cat character Mittens. It should be fun.


  1. That is going to be super cute! And handmade costumes... how perfect!

  2. oh. i am so trying to get out of making costumes this year. i'm hoping something easy we already have on hand!