Monday, October 5, 2009

Carrots (Blogtoberfest 4)

See this bag of carrots?

These are from the local buying club, Bailey's Local Foods. They are delicious and Nina Bailey was absolutely right when she told me that once my kids had these carrots, they wouldn't want any others. The thought of buying other carrots is so unappealing now.

What is really special about these carrots is that they totally and completely remind me of my grandma Gee and her garden. Grandma always had a huge vegetable garden at her cabin at the lake (in The Pas, Manitoba). I have very fond memories of helping grandma shell the peas, wash the lettuce and pick the carrots. The carrots from the buying club taste just like the ones that grandma used to grow. Every time I eat one I think of grandma. She died in 2002. Grandma Gee was such a sweet, gentle and loving woman.


  1. Oh, homegrown carrots, such sweetness. And homegrown carrots that bring memories of a gardening grandmother: nothing sweeter. Beautiful post!

  2. what wonderful memories! it's so hard to go back to the stuff at teh store after eating fresh and local!

  3. Okay, so maybe the carrots would have looked a little better out of the bag and not in....but you get the gist!