Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Perfect Day (Blogtoberfest 8)

Today is a perfect, fall day.

After dropping the girls off at school I took the little ones for a walk uptown (for some much needed caffeine - for me, not them) and then to the nearby park. Here are some photos from our morning:

We happened to see the train as it headed for St. Jacob's.

Watching construction outside The Perimeter Institute.

Along the Trans-Canada Trail.

An Inukshuk just outside Waterloo Park.

At Waterloo Park.

Some curious ducks came to visit us.

This heron was sunning itself on the lake.

Vibrant colours that this photo didn't quite capture.

More vibrant colours.

A lovely maple leaf.

This tree almost looks like it is on fire.

Another curious friend came to see us.

A leaf path just along side the real path.

A view of Waterloo Park from Caroline Street.

Just about at home.


  1. looks like so much fun!
    my kiddos and i would have loved to walk along with you. :)
    it would have been hard to keep isaac moving after the construction, though. he'd watch heavy equipment all day!

  2. The picture of the lone maple leaf would make for a wonderful enlargement for hanging.

  3. what a beautiful place to visit!
    thank you for taking us along with you!