Sunday, December 6, 2009

Donate A Toy Or Book

Day 6 of the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge

For the past few years we have taken the girls to the mall to choose a toy to give to the Tree of Angels. I was planning on doing the same thing again this year and then Heather and Addie were invited to a Christmas party today and asked to bring something for the Tree of Angels. Perfect. Jeff and I were actually the ones to choose the presents this time - we were running out of time and the girls were not with us this morning. We opted for baby toys and ones that do not require batteries.

I think the fact that we chose baby toys also made it easier for the girls to accept that we were giving the toys away. We talked a lot about how lucky our family is and how fortunate we are and how wonderful it is to be able to help out other families. They seemed happy to be helping another family.

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