Monday, December 28, 2009

The Olympic Torch!

The Olympic torch came through Kitchener-Waterloo tonight. It was crazy busy and the torch came and went very quickly. But we were thrilled to witness it in person.

Waiting patiently on King Street in Waterloo.

"The torch will arrive in a few minutes".

The bus carrying the torchbearers.

The Coke people were handing out paraphernalia.

Plastic, light-up coke bottles (so good for the environment!).

Finally, the torchbearer arrives!

It was hard to get a non-blurry shot without my flash.

The kids had a great time and Jeff and Heather went skating on the new rink afterward. I have to say that I felt pretty grateful that we could walk to the event - the line-up of cars waiting to get out of the parking lots after were crazy! I felt so lucky that I could walk and be at home within a few minutes.


  1. I love that it looks like a doobie on fire. So appropriate for Olympics in Vancouver.

  2. very cool!

  3. how cool is that???? that's pretty amazing that you got to witness that, doesn't happen everywhere. it looks really, really cold, lol.