Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A New Era

TMI Alert: This post is about breastfeeding, so if you don't fancy that kind of stuff look away!

We have reached a new era in our home. For the first time in 20 months I did not nurse Lauchlan this morning. This is by far the longest that I have nursed one of my children. I nursed Heather for 13 months, Addie for 14 months and Lauchlan for 20 months. I have spent 47 months or almost 4 years of my life with a child on my breast. Wow!

I actually started weaning Lauchlan about 5 months ago but then he started waking up around 5 a.m. every day so I would bring him into bed to feed him and he would fall back asleep for another hour or so. Now, however, he is not falling back asleep and really, the kid just doesn't need milk from me anymore.

Instead of our usual routine of bringing Lauchy into bed with us, Jeff took him downstairs and gave him breakfast right away. It didn't seem to phase Lauchlan at all but I felt a little weepy. I am pretty certain that this is our last baby (I think Jeff would say 100% certain) so for me, this is it. I am done with this chapter in my life. My eyes just welled up with tears as I wrote that last sentence. I am happy to be done with nursing but it is hard to let go of all the wonderful things that go with nursing too. I feel blessed that I was able to experience nursing all of my children. Now, on to the new era!


  1. 3 years, 1 month and 6 days for me. i was glad when it was done... and then i cried.

  2. oh, tricia. i love your comments. i have a few girlfriend/mumma friends who did not breast feed and i feel so bad for them, that they did not have the opportunity to "bond" and feel the special love of giving your baby the boob. i had to stop breast-feeding jack when he was six months old when i found out i was pregnant again (we had a crazy hard time getting pregnant with jack and i was considered high risk to miscarry with maddy); so i didn't get too much time with him and wow, going cold turkey was nuts. maddy got the boob for about a year. i really believe it's one of life's sweetest things. have a great night. shannon

  3. This post just touched my heart! We had a bit of a hard time at the start, because of the trauma of the c-section, but once we got the hang of breastfeeding, it's been all good. It's kind of weird to say, but there's definitely something so right about being able to provide for them in such a basic way. I'm not anti-formula by any means--Baby J gets a bottle at night from Dad while I nap--but being able to BF does feel special.

  4. I completely know how you feel! I'm still nursing the twins for nap/bedtime and inbetween for comfort/mommy time and they are 21 months now!!

    I know my era of breastfeeding is also coming to a close soon. (I swear these are our last babies but my DH is the one who thinks otherwise) ;) *sigh*

    I am so glad, however, that my body was able to completely nourish 5 babes! What a joy it has been to have that quality bonding time with them each day of the past nine years of my nursing.