Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Camping Part II

Snuggles with daddy.

A view of the site.

The girls having some quiet time with a friend.

Marshmallow fingers.

Silly Heather.

Cosy sisters, finally sleeping!!

We checked out the flea market in Grand Bend.

My cuties. They look happy because
we are just about to get some ice cream cones.


Ice cream tongue.

Our plan worked! Lauchy fell asleep on
the way back from getting ice cream!

We played several rounds of speed Scrabble.

If only they would fall asleep in the car too. But no,
they typically did not fall asleep until close to 10:00 each night.

Stay tuned for Part III...


  1. meant to say on the last post that I love the "Quiet Tent" great idea