Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Rotten

Jeff and I went to see The Rotten on Monday night (Jeff's sister Angi and her husband Jan are the creators of the band). I wasn't sure what to expect, as I have never really been to a punk show before, but it was awesome! Punk music is a tad different than the music of Mumford & Sons and Dave Matthews, but really and truly, I had a blast and thought the music was great!

Awesome Rotten tee that Ang gave me.

Jan, Ang and band mate.

Ang whalin' on the drums!

Ang and Jeff after the show!

Thanks for a great time Ang & Jan! We still think you should consider the whole punk/polka/folk thing. You could call it polka-funk or folka-punk. You get the idea!


  1. Nice to hear you enjoyed the evening. Thanks for posting the photos. I especially like the one of Angi and Jeff (but hey, I'm just a tad biased).

  2. ha ha not my thing at all good on you for doing something different (and loving it)
    BTW still loving your short hair!!