Friday, April 22, 2011

Is This A Good Idea?!

We had the opportunity to borrow a trampoline for the summer. After much discussion we decided to go for it. The girls have been asking for one for about a year so it is the perfect chance to try one out. I am still quite apprehensive about it and about the potential for injury. We also have a lot of neighbourhood children in our yard on a regular basis and I worry about them being on or near the trampoline too.

Jeff and girls setting up the trampoline.

It took a long time to put it up.

The kids spent most of the afternoon jumping on it.

I looked up some suggested rules for trampolines and here are some of the rules we came up with:

  • You must ask permission before going on the trampoline.
  • Only 2 kids on at at time.
  • Friends must have permission from their parents (and parents must have spoken to us) before going on.
  • No double bouncing.
  • No flips or somersaults.
  • No going under the trampoline while someone is jumping.
Those are the rules we have so far. Does anyone have anything else to suggest? Am I being too paranoid?


  1. I think those are great rules. I would add that you can't bring food or drinks on the trampoline (which should be obvious, but..).
    I have a thing against trampolines and hot tubs for kids, so I don't think you're paranoid :)

  2. Thanks Alex. Honestly, I never thought that we would ever have a trampoline. I am still quite nervous about it. I think we will try it for the summer, be super strict about the rules and then re-evaluate at the end of summer. I also think that the novelty will wear off. I had a trampoline when I was growing up and no one got hurt. Sometimes I think we are too paranoid as a society, but at the same time, the potential for injury is huge!

    Thanks for your comments. Hope our screen-free week is going well.


  3. I love that one picture (third one in). It looks at quick glance like there is a kid jumping at a height above the safety netting. I'm assuming it's something in the tree or a tossed coat.

  4. Hate to be a party pooper, but my Lucy broke her leg jumping on a trampoline.

    The ER doc said he sees these injuries a lot and most of the time it happens when there is more than one child on the trampoline and it is usually the smallest child (Lucy was 3 and there were two children on the trampoline- she was the smallest).

    Here's the link to the CPSC recommendation for trampoline safety:

    Honestly, I feel like kids age 6 and up are fine, even two at a time, because their muscles and motor skills are so much more developed than littler children. And trampolines are so much fun...

  5. Thanks for your comments. These are all concerns of mine. I did a google search on suggested rules before we let the kids go on and one thing I found is that 75% of injuries occur when there are 2 or more kids at a time. I feel okay with the girls being on together (ages 5 1/2 and almost 7) but I feel we need to be more careful with Lauchy (almost 3). He has only been on with 1 of the girls and so far they are being careful with him. Lauchy is actually not that interested in going on at the moment so that is fine by me.

    Thanks for stopping by.