Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kundalini Kids

My lovely friend K, kundalini goddess extraordinaire, showed me and Lauchy some sweet yoga for kids. Lauchy loved doing the yoga and once the girls got home I showed them as well. Heather enjoyed doing the yoga too. When I tucked her in to bed tonight and asked Heather what the best part of her day was, she said doing the yoga. Thanks K!


  1. Fiacra and Ailbhe loved the video, they say hi. A kids yoga video came up in youtube after yours, we just finished it, they loved it. What are the words of the song, I couldn't catch it all.

  2. Hey Fiona. I asked my friend for the lyrics since I couldn't find them on the internet. See below:

    I am happy, I am good...
    sa ta nam, sa ta nam, sa ta nam gee,
    wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru gee.

    Love it!