Monday, May 30, 2011

Date Night

Remember this sign? We had our date last night and the best part was that we didn't have to pay for a sitter! Jeff and friend S had previously arranged that our 3 kids would spend the night at S's house so that Jeff and I could go out. It was such a fantastic surprise! A few months back we looked after S's kids so that she and her spouse could go out, but we did it as a birthday surprise and were not expecting any reciprocation.

Jeff dropped the kids off at 5:30 and then came home to pick me up. We finally used the gift card to The Keg that we received ages ago (thanks Allan) so we didn't have to pay much for dinner either.

Handsome hubby at The Keg.

After dinner the plan was to go and see the movie Bridesmaids (we both love the actress Kristen Wiig) but we still had some time to kill so we browsed in Home Depot first. I love that place!

The movie was hilarious - lots of laughing out loud! This morning we got to sleep in and have coffee on the porch. It is the simplest things that can be more enjoyable without the presence of kids!

Just as we were about to leave for breakfast we saw our kids coming down the street en route to the park. We both ran inside and hid knowing that if they saw us they might not let us leave! Phew! They didn't see us and we were able to enjoy breakfast out before picking the kids up.

Heather, Addie & Lauchy in stroller.

Breakfast at the local crepe place.

We have decided to make this "children trading" ritual a regular event. The last time we had all the kids at our house, it really was not that difficult. In fact, our kids are usually better behaved when they have friends over and they all seem to keep one another entertained. I would gladly look after S's kids again knowing that I get to have a night sans kids again soon, too.

It was only one evening and morning, but it was just the break I needed!

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  1. what a great idea - the regular kid swap. Will have to start doing who to pester to get it going