Saturday, June 18, 2011

First DQ of the Season

It was our first Dairy Queen run of the season and I am sure there will be plenty more.

Heather is very focused on her cone.

Addie is loving hers!

It takes concentration to really enjoy your cone.

Daddy is trying to steal licks from the cones.

Heather is still focused on her own cone.

Can't wait until the next time we go!


  1. We just looked at the last 5 posts or so. Fiacra and Ailbhe loved them all. Fiacra's favourite - Lauchlan's artwork on the walls and the subsequent cleaning, oh these boys!!!!

  2. Oh, I thought it was the same Fiona making 2 comments but I see it is 2 different Fiona's. I would miss DQ too, if we lived far away from it. I think I would miss Tim Horton's even more though!