Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Critters

This butterfly spent the week at our campsite with us.

Frogs, frogs and more frogs. In all the years we have camped here,
I have seen only 1 frog. This year? I would have to say 100's of frogs!
There were frogs the size of my baby finger nail everywhere!

There were frogs roaming the campground at night. We usually
saw a few as we sat around the campfire. Actually, we could hear
the frogs hopping around on the ground around the chairs.

Jeff's shoe seemed the perfect resting spot for this frog!

Another campfire visitor.


When the kids went canoeing and fishing they saw lots of turtles.


The perfect spot to sun bathe.

This nest was at the bathroom sink. These baby birds
must have hatched just before we arrived. There are 4 in the nest.

Mama protecting the nest.

Look at the little fuzz head peeking down.

They were still pretty feather-less by the time we left.

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  1. Amazing pictures of all the wild life. Sofie will be wildly jealous of the butterfly shots (she loves them).
    Also liked the sweaty faces in the previous post, but Bloggger won't let me comment.
    Your camping trip looks wonderful.