Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Less Thing

We have been meaning to get the girls to make their own lunches for a few years now. It makes sense to start them young so that when they are in middle school and high school they can continue to make their own lunches. However, finding the time to assist them has been a bit of a problem. I have to admit that it is one of those jobs that is just easier for me to do. I usually start making the lunches while I am making dinner and/or cleaning up from dinner.

So I have been procrastinating and procrastinating.

A few weeks ago, Jeff got out all of the lunch stuff and sat down with them and they all made their lunches. And the girls loved it! Jeff liked helping them and the lunches got made. By them. And not me. Which I LOVE!

First time making their own lunches! YES!

We seem to have found a convenient time of night to accomplish this task and it is one less thing I have to worry about. I appreciate that Jeff took the time to get this task started and that it is something he will continue to do with the girls. Hopefully soon the girls will be able to carry on this task without our help.

It feels great to have one less thing in the day to worry about!


  1. How wonderful. Especially the fact the Jeff took the initiative to start this with the girls!!

  2. i totally get your feelings on "it's faster if i do it myself" - so true! and then it gets done the way i want, also! :)
    wonderful to take this next step with the girls and help them learn lunchmaking. bonus that jeff stepped up to the plate! now no complaints that they don't like what's in their lunch, right?!
    we always came home for lunch when we were kids, til 7th grade. i guess that is a thing of the past for grade school kids, nowadays, since they have the two health breaks instead.

  3. Dear Tricia,

    Just thought I would explain the peanut-butter sandwich in the 1st picture. I decided to make MY lunch at the same time. I was careful to avoid any cross-contamination.