Monday, February 6, 2012

Coming Soon!

The girls have been working hard on making Valentine cards. I wonder who will get them?

Open The Card

waite for it

I LOVE YOU. Happy Valentine's Day

Whooo loves you? Heather does.

These will be in the mail soon...will you get one?


  1. Your cards are amazing! Well done.
    We received our card from your last letter wiring marathon, and I am sorry we are being so slow in replying. I promise we will get to it very soon.
    Good job Heather!

  2. great work, everyone!!
    i love the "open the card" instructions, there - very cute!
    valentine's crafts were among my favourites, as a kid - art class was super fun at this time of year, i remember! i think i will head to the dollar store and see what i can find for arts and crafts with my nieces! thanks for the inspiration!