Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Sunday II

It was Family Sunday at the KW/Art Gallery again. Last time I went with just Addie, but Heather came with us today. Just like last time, there were many fun activities for the kids.

The first thing we participated in was the "Giant Fluorescent Sculpture". The idea was to use fluorescent paper to make a giant collaborative sculpture.

Addie working on her creation.

I wonder what Heather is making?

This is what she made!

Good work Sheri! :)

The two towers with snake in middle is my creation.

The sculpture is starting to grow bigger!

Next up, was a "Glow-In-The-Dark" gallery tour. We were all given these bracelets to wear. Each exhibit was in a darkened or black room. The scariest exhibit was the one where we entered a completely black room and could see on the wall a pair of glowing eyes and ferocious teeth. The eyes and teeth belonged to a panther, who was filmed with a black light. The combination of his roar and the black room had some children leaving. I thought it was pretty cool and so did the girls!

We also did the Sticker Creature Creation and the Reflective Initials - I just didn't photograph any of it.

I would highly recommend this to any family. I love the combination of art activities along with the chance to see some of the exhibits. And it is FREE!

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