Thursday, February 23, 2012


Addie presented me with this note this morning:

It was followed by this one:

It turns out that all 3 kids were fevered last night and today. I was pretty certain when I went to bed last night that none of the kids would be going to school or preschool today.

They spent a lot of time watching the tube.

And they got to have apple juice and ice cream.

After watching TV, Lauchy laid on the couch.

Within 1 minute he was fast asleep.
Within 2 minutes Charlie joined him!

Shortly after that, Tassie joined the couch crew.

I think the girls will be well enough to attend school tomorrow. Heather really wants to go as her class is going skating. Addie is not keen to go at all. In fact, when I took her temperature last night and she found out she had a fever, she actually cheered and celebrated! She was so excited to miss a day of school! When I asked her why she didn't want to go to school she said it was because then she doesn't get to be with me. What a sweetie!

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  1. I can remember cheering when I was sick too just to miss a day of school :) lol