Friday, February 24, 2012


We stashed a few notes in Jeff's suitcase while he was out giving his public lecture.

Freshly bathed girls being sneaky!

He'll never find them!

He e-mailed last night to say that he found the notes and the chocolate that I included. The girls were so sad about Jeff leaving and this is a short trip! In April, Jeff will head to South Africa for 32 days! A whole month without seeing the kids. I don't know how they will all do!


  1. Dear Trish,
    I'm so spoiled! Finding these surprises was so nice. Thanks to the girls for their sneakiness!

  2. oh, i love this, tricia!! we used to do the same when we were little and my dad traveled - and my mom always hid a family photo in dad's suitcase, too!
    i should put you in touch with my SIL - my brother was gone for 5 weeks, up in the arctic doing research, last april - 32 days will be a long stretch for everyone!!

  3. Love the notes (and the super cute matching pj's)!

    My 2 do this for Daddy too, and one time Sofie slipped her most special teddy into Daddy's suit case. She only told me after he had left for the airport, so you can imagine my horror when he called that night to say he was fine, but the airline had lost his suitcase!!

    Thankfully the suitcase was eventually found, and teddy traveled back in his hand luggage :-))