Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ice Dogs and Birthday Cats

We went uptown to check out the Ice Dogs Festival. I feel so lucky that there are numerous family-friendly events in our own backyard.

I love this dog!

Apparently this slide has been here every
year, but this is the first time I have ever noticed it!
The girls loved it, but not Lauchy.

What would Saturday be without a stop at
Tim Horton's! Any guesses which donut is mine?

Now for the odd story of the day - celebrating Charlie and Tassie's birthday, which apparently, was today! A few weeks ago I came across this funny cat video on YouTube (yes, I am obsessed with YouTube and I admit it).

Cat Vs. Pinata

Naturally, we all love the video and thought it was hilarious. We also love that not only does the cat look like our Charlie, he is also named Charlie too! We talked about how fun it would be to make a pinata for our cats and see what they do to it. That led to "when do our cats have birthdays?" and before I knew it, the girls were in full party-planning mode. Which led to this morning. Their birthday.

There was "cake" for the cats, complete with candles.

Charlie wondering what the hell is taking so long!

Tassie, in usual creepy-cat-pose, complete with glowing eyes.

Jeff presented the cake and poor Charlie nearly singed his whiskers!
And yes, we all had to sing Happy Birthday! No joke!

Addie even made a present for Tassie. She dug into her
very own personal craft supplies to give Tassie a pom pom.

"Here's what I think of your present, Addie"

I know it all sounds a bit psychotic, but I promise that we a fairly normal family otherwise. Well, most of the time!

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  1. i love that ice slide! did they let adults on?! haha! and although i am not a dog fan, that is a gorgeous dog in the first photo.
    what a wonderful weekend! glad your family enjoyed the donuts and the celebrations for the kitties!
    for your post about organizing...i would keep some of the kids' artwork - choose the most creative or sentimental pieces. store them in a large plastic bin?? i don't envy you that task!