Friday, February 10, 2012

Recent Notes

Isn't this balloon cute? I love it!
Lauchy drew it on a Valentine card for someone...

Mom I Love your nots. Love Addie

Dad I Love your nots you giv me. Love Addie

We love getting notes from you too, sweetheart!

These little mailboxes are getting a lot of use lately.

Jeff and I are often asked to leave a note inside.
We are usually remembering just as we are climbing into bed!

This is how we found our room the other night
when we came upstairs to go to bed.

The lamps bent down illuminating something...

Eye heart U Mom. From Heather

We are pretty lucky to get all of these special notes from the kids!


  1. Wow, Lauchy's drawing reminds me of the Balloon Man we saw in Portugal last summer:

  2. ah, i love the note-exchanging that goes on at your home, tricia! (and i would love to have that red mailbox!). addie's note is just about the cutest thing, ever!
    my mom used to leave notes in my lunch box if i had to eat lunch at school, up to about grade 6 (usually i ate at home for lunch). fond memories!

  3. Very cool Craig. It is very similar to the drawing you saw. Thanks for sharing.