Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Sunburn In March!

It was another hot day today. The temperature reached 25 degrees Celsius for the second day in a row and it is supposed to be that warm again tomorrow. My arms and face are sunburned! Lauchy and I spent a lot of time outdoors today! It was wonderful!

Lauchy started his day as a cat.

We had a picnic at Waterloo Park
and discovered a new baby llama.

Lauchy can almost pump on his own. Yay!

The only thing lacking is his confidence!

I was coming down the stairs today and noticed this:

(My father-in-law is storing his boat at our place for a few weeks.)

I wonder what other critters can get in there?

Ooooh, stealthy!

Then it gets a little can't tell from the photos...

...but it took Tassie several tries to get her body back out!

She tried to look all cool and casual as she finally made her way out!

How was your day?

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  1. i KNOW that everyone is talking about the weather so much, but truly, it is unreal how sunny, hot....and all around amazing we have it right now! love your photos, tricia, and so glad you got in some park time!
    i was in TO yesterday and it was an A+ day all around, the weather being part of that. it was cooler there, though - maybe low 20s?? - as i was down by the lake, more. little e and i played at the playground when i picked her up after school and had the best time!
    enjoy today!!