Friday, December 20, 2013

My Sick Boy and My Brave Girl

Day 143:

When Lauchlan woke up today, he said he was tired and had a sore throat. He asked if he could stay home from school and he clearly thought I would say no. Given that he complained of a sore throat the day before and that it was the last day of school, I let him stay home. He seemed to perk up once he knew he could stay home and we spent the morning reading and making snowflakes.

By the time we picked the girls up from school his fever had shot up to almost 103 and he was wearing his toque and fleece and had a blanket wrapped around him. Thankfully, the medicine brought the fever down and he seemed well enough to go out since we had pre-arranged plans to go out on the last day of school.

When Addie turned 8 she was allowed to get her ears pierced, however, her class was in the middle of a gymnastics unit and girls are not allowed to wear earrings. Addie had to wait for the term to be over before she could get her ears pierced. All along we told her that she could get them pierced on the last day of school before Christmas.

We went to Claire's, the same place that we took Heather. When Heather got her ears pierced, two employees each pierced an ear so that both ears were done at the same time. However, the manager told us that she was the only one there who could do the piercing, meaning that Addie would have to get one ear done and then the other. The manager said that if Addie was too upset to get her second ear pierced then the manager would not be allowed to pierce the second ear until the next day. We asked Addie if she wanted to go back the next day when she could get both pierced at the same time, but she opted to get her ears pierced immediately. She told us that she might be too nervous to wait and come back the next day. 

Cool shot by Jeff.

It's "go" time. Addie didn't even flinch when 
her first ear was pierced. Amazing!

Now she's a pro!

We are so proud of her! She was great!

The manager marked the spots on Addie's ears where she was going to put the holes and we all approved. However, as I looked at the earrings after it seems like the earrings are a little too high. Jeff doesn't agree so I don't know if I am just being picky and it's not like we can do anything about it now. The important thing is that Addie was beaming after! She is so pleased with her new earrings!

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  1. I can't believe that they don't do anything to numb the pain. I had no idea. And I'm so proud of Addie. What a courageous girl!