Saturday, May 31, 2014

London Last Day

Day 304:

The girls had a hoot watching 
their hair blowing around on the subway.

Our first stop today was the Diana Memorial Playground.

Then we went to Hamleys toyshop, 
the oldest and largest toyshop in the world.

Wow, what a zoo! The kids loved it, 
but I couldn't wait to get out of there!

Next up, was M and M's World. We weren't planning on going there, but I kept seeing everyone walking around with M and M bags. Jeff and I went to M and M's World in Las Vegas and I thought the rows and rows of M and M's was awesome. I wanted the kids to see how many other colours there are.

They were not disappointed!


After seeing this sign I could not 
get "Home For A Rest" out of my head.
Click here for lyrics to see what I mean.

The last thing we did was go to The British Museum (it's free!).

We only wanted to spend about an hour there and the map we got inside had suggestions of what to see if you only have an hour. Perfect! The first thing we saw was the "most famous chess set in the world", located in The Lewis Chessmen Room.

After that, we saw The Rosetta Stone.

Finally, we saw an Easter Island statue.

This totem pole is from about 1850 and is 
from Masset Inlet in British Columbia, Canada.

We ended our amazing London 
adventure at a family-friendly restaurant.

Our bags of M and M's 
practically cost more money than the meal!

I loved getting around on the underground, although it was made even easier because Jeff did all of the figuring out! I love how busy and bustling it always is and I love watching the people on board. The Oyster card makes it easy to quickly get through the stations.

Thanks to our friends for letting us stay at their place! It was great not having to pay for accommodation and we loved having access to some feline friends for a few days, too!

I had to include this song, too!
Home For A Rest by Spirit of the West:

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